David Goldman, Environmental Architecture
Architectural and Design services. LEED AP

Monarch Architecture - Brooke and Brian Martone
Architectural and design services

Architecture and engineering - Commercial collaboration on the 968 park project

Coachman Hotel
A classy new addition to the Stateline scene

968 Park Hotel - Tahoe's Green Hotel
Sierra Sustainable conducted a thorough green remodel of this landmark establishment.

Brian Shinalt
commercial collaboration on the coachman hotel

3D Smart Structures Inc. - Jim Bolton
Supplier of Tridi Panels and many other progressive building products.

Tahoe Solar Designs - Leslie Ames & Bret Alexander
Professional design and installation of cutting edge solar energy systems.

Black's Farmwood
A prominent supplier of exquisite reclaimed and antique wood beams, siding, and flooring.

Passive House Organization
we are proud to be a passive house certified builder

SiGBA- Sierra Green Building Association
A comprehensive association of regional green building related businesses.

California Sustainable Builders
Bay Area General Contractor with similar sustainability objectives

Lake Tahoe Communities
An insight into Tahoe's unique Lake communities, real estate, and local vendors