Central to our approach at SSB is a belief that sustainability, efficiency, and performance are not only important factors but necessary in today's building process. We are a Lake Tahoe based custom home builder founded in 2002, serving both Nevada and California. We have a history of experience working in Tahoe's unique environment of regulatory agencies and extreme climate. Our years in the region have allowed us to develop valuable relationships with quality local architects, subcontractors, suppliers, and building department officials. The SSB portfolio is deep, including new residential construction, complex remodel/addition, commerical remodel, as well as cabinetry and custom furniture. We utilize a talented in-house carpentry staff and our knowlege of cutting-edge building science to build efficient, healthy, and durable dwellings.

Cory Hannaford, SSB President, PHIUS Certified Builder

Sierra Sustainable Builders is proud to be a Passive Home Certified Builder. Our portfolio contains several passive projects. Click here to learn more.